About Us

Who are we?
Haz Adora was founded in 2015 as online boutique selling jubah and dress. At Haz Adora, our goal is to offer  fresh and contemporary muslimah clothing which take into account simplicity and affordability. We strive to be #1 Classy & Gorgeous Muslimah brand in Malaysia.

What we sell?
We currently offer a best quality of jubah and dresses in the market which follow latest fashion trend while continuously expanding our product offering.


Why Us?

  1. Value for money
    Our main target is to provide customer with premium quality fashions at a "value for money" price.
  2. Top Notch Quality Control
    All of our product will undergone an extensive quality control so the customer will get the best quality from us.
  3. Friendly Customer Service
    Our aim is to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. We will     ensure that every customer be treated with respect and with a friendly     service.